When the lights go out.


The leaping off point here is a provocative, honest look at our relationship with fuel and energy and the role of innovation and technology – setting out that we cannot simply do nothing and continue to burn fossil fuels as a means of transport.

The leaping off point being that we need to honest about our relationship with Oil and Petrol energy – we rely on it!

We would aim to get these independently authored – so they are authentic and in no way seen as “salesy” for FormulaE. The underlying editorial being around the progression from oil and petrol to EV is inevitable.

These are celebrity led programmes with iconic contributors from the world of entertainment, science, design and innovation.

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Leonardo Di Caprio talks candidly about his relationship with FormulaE and his aspirations for the future, (Co-Production with Appian Way). Appian Way have a production deal in place with Discovery. We are in conversation with Leonardo.

Adrian Grenier muses about our relationship with fuel and how consumers have the power to change our relationship with sustainability. We are in conversation with Adrian.

Bruno Senna enthuses about the world of FormulaE and the future of Motorsport. Bruno has worked successfully with all3media as a presenter of Fifth Gear.

Lord Norman Foster not only displays his credentials as a complete car nut with his underground collection of supercars but talks us through is revolutionary design for an electric autonomous car and how these will integrate with the design of cities of the future, as he unveils his Dymaxion Future Car, and the importance of EV’s in the building of Masdar in UAE

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Discovery Presenter “Engine Addict” Jimmy deVille will look at the engineering involved as he attempts to create a car which is run on waste – agricultural waste!

Target audience.

Core Demographic of EEMs / Millennials

We would recommend a discussion immediately with Discovery about this series. With FormulaE supporting the series with rights free access to all content but to have the series commissioned by Discovery and Produced by an all3media company.

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