Gadget Show Commercial

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The Gadget Currys PC World Partnership is a deep relationship, never has the word partnership been more appropriate. Brokered by Walker Media, the partnership is formed by Currys PC World, Channel5 and North One TV.

By working together and collaborating to create a complete partnership, Currys PC World touch every single point of the Gadget Show Universe. Everything we have demonstrated here, the TV Show, the Online and Social Media presence, the Live Show, all of it has a Currys PC World relationship.

But the relationship works the other way round too. It is not just a badging exercise where the Currys PC World Logos are added to Gadget Show content, the Gadget Show team create original content for Currys PC World, for their consumer touchpoints – In Store, Online, Trade, Sales Brochures, Point of Sale, TV Commercials, all of this has Gadget Show branding and importantly can benefit from the independent validation of the Gadget Show Presenters.

It is a true Partnership. Currys PC World Gadget Show Website

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