Gadget Show Online

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As you might imagine – the digital footprint of the Gadget Show is impressive, it has been the main stay of for over 10 years. It is the home of the Gadget Show 24/7, our digital hub.

It is a market leader in information and trusted reviews of new product releases and a home to our Top 5 concept and G rating reviews. This ties in with the reviews on air in the TV programme.

The site is video rich leaning heavily on clips from the show but also heavily supplemented by original digital production to create that always on approach to meet the demands of the audience.
If the Gadget Show recommends something – it is going to sell! We are fiercely independent about the integrity of these reviews – we have never and will never sell this credibility – it is the foundation of the success of the TV format.

Our audience trusts us.

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