Gadget Show Television

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The Gadget Show television programme has been on Channel 5 for over 10 years.

It has survived three different owners, six channel controllers and dozens of commissioning editors. It is a rare beast, a channel defining stalwart of the schedule.

The partnership between the channel and programme owners North One is a deep one. It transends that of the normal broadcaster producer relationship. They work together on every aspect of the business, but the programme still has to deliver, it still has to be a good show!

The reason the Gadget Show works for the channel is that it rates, and it rates consistently. Critically it outperforms the channel average on two key demographics. Men and Youth!

The show has solid recognisable format points, that audiences are familiar with and want to see again, it also has a fantastic cast! It is commissioned in large blocks which allow the broadcaster and producer to plan commercially and invest in building a joint business. In turn this is an asset which can be used to the benefit of commercial partners.

Not only does The Gadget Show deliver fantastic audiences, it provides a multi-facetted communication platform for brand partners to engage with that audience.

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